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Wireless Technology Gadgets Supplier China Feasycom Tech

Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co.,Limited is a pro and consistently innovative high-tech venture, we have got expert & exceptional R&D Group, basically center on the design, research and manufacture of short distance communication’s solution. Staying in this niche for approximately A decade, we have ample experiences to present the special made-to-order OEM/ODM Services(marketing beacon manufacturing) to the clientele throughout the world.

Our Bluetooth Products’ Application Segments involve Internet of Things(IoT), Wireless Internet, Auto Electronics, Medical, Smart Home, and so forth. Our Wireless Bluetooth modules mostly include the Bluetooth 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 versions. As a way to have business dealings with a variety of clients from the earth, and work on a few different application conditions, we’ve already brought in the 4.0 BLE,4.0 Dual Mode, Class 2.1 Series Modules, nearly all of them are employed on Bluetooth Data Transmission, Bluetooth Networking, Bluetooth Data +Audio Transmission.

Besides That, Our enterprise had released the leading wireless Bluetooth solution for Bluetooth Bar code Scanning, Bluetooth router, TWS Speaker, Smart Toy, et cetera. At this point the majority of them are typically applied in many national and overseas firms.

Consistently put emphasis on supplying the highest quality products and services, is the secret for us being pioneer in wireless Bluetooth module industry continuously. Carry on boosting our innovation capacity always be one of the most important things of our corporation. Soon enough, we will make use of our highly developed & grown Bluetooth module knowledge to bring in a few innovative Bluetooth Electronic Products to meet up with our clients’ needs.

Our Conception:

Make Communication Basic
Our people are multi-disciplined, resourceful, talented, passionate and like to push the boundaries, always all set to present the most perfect services and products to the customers both at home and abroad.

Our Spirit:

Exquisite Frontier Innovation Precise Practicality
Welcome every one of the business partners globally, do contact for commencing a great collaboration relationship with us, your fulfillment will be our last mission!
Working Together With Feasycom, Make Your Wireless Communication Hassle-free And Freely!

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Location: Room 2004, 20th Floor, Huichao Technology Building, Jinhai Road,Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518100, China.
Telphone: +86-755-2792-4639

View our product lines: Bluetooth modules, OEM beacon vendor, Lora modules, wifi modules, Bluetooth development boards, and so on.
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Smart Socket Producer From China

Smart Socket Producer From China

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Limited

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd. is the intercontinental reputable provider for IOT(Internet of Things) devices and solutions. Depending on the requirements from our customers, we continue to innovate and guide the field of IOT sensor, controller, mobile IOT and also cloud computing. In accordance with the all-encompassing advantages in the industries of sensor and controller, wulian has been a front runner in the IOT times.

Presently, our merchandise and technologies are commonly put into use in a lot of major projects in the world. We also grew to become the dominant technical supporter for creating Smart City in many fields globally. We aspire to let people feeling the realreal-world by different kinds of transducer, to help people acquire information and facts more freely, more straight, and additionally more equally, to abolish the inaccurate factors of info. To be able to decrease the effect of climate change and natural disasters, we researched the eco-friendly low-carbon solutions, to help the clients to build a natural lifestyle.


Custom Wifi Power Outlet from Chinese Maker, Smart Switch, Smart Home Gateway, Smart Locks, Smart Sensors, and the like

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Headquater Address: NO.12, Mozhou East Road, Nanjing, China
Homepage: http://www.wuliangroup.com
Email: international@wuliangroup.com
TEL: 400-889-2891/ +86-25-52262193